COR THOUGHTS 265: God Satisfies the Desire of Every Living Thing


The main theme of this weekend’s readings is trusting God to provide for our hunger – and, of course, this means not only our physical hunger, but our much deeper hunger for eternal life. Sin always testifies to our yearning for satisfaction, but not accepting the way to that satisfaction: the way of complete dependence on God as our Father. To call God “Father” is to recognize him as the ultimate origin of every good gift and to rest in his providence, trusting unflinchingly that “he answers all our needs” (psalm response). As this weekend’s psalm reads: “The eyes of all look hopefully to you, and you give them their food in due season; you open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” It’s that “due season” part that makes us particularly nervous. We must learn how to “wait on the Lord” and “suffer the ache” with total trust in God’s gift. Our desire for satisfaction is not where we sin. It’s in “denying the gift” and grasping at satisfaction apart from God that we sin. Whenever we’re tempted to grasp at satisfaction, we must remain in the posture of the “open bride” who awaits the gift of the bridegroom with joyful expectation, and plenty of oil (faith) to keep her lamp afire. For faith “in its deepest essence,” wrote St. John Paul II, is “the openness of the human heart to the gift.”