COR THOUGHTS 259: The Meaning of Seeds and Bodies


In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus explains the kingdom of God with two parables about seeds. First he compares the kingdom to a man who sows seed in the land, but knows not how it grows. Then he compares it to the mustard seed – the smallest of seeds becoming the largest of plants. Why does Jesus so often use the things of nature as parables for the things of God? Because all of nature is designed by God to reveal his own mystery. The goal in all of nature is life! The rhythm of time – day and night, months and seasons – serves the purpose of life. Soil and air, sea and sky, rocks and hills, sunshine and rain all serve the purpose of life. Every living thing in creation is designed to reproduce. Every plant, every tree, every shrub, every blade of grass tells the story of a seed that found purchase in fertile soil. Indeed nature’s reproductive process is happening all around us all the time. If God is speaking to us through the natural world, then it’s clear that one of his favorite subjects is mating and fertility, coupling and life-givingness. One has to be blind not to recognize this unending “song” of love and life everywhere – a song that crescendos in our creation as male and female and our call to life-giving love. Lord, open our eyes to the parable revealed in all of nature, especially our own bodies!