COR THOUGHTS 139: He Will Transform Our Lowly Bodies

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In this weekend’s second reading, Saint Paul proclaims that Christ “will change our lowly body to conform to his glorified body.” In the Gospel, Luke reports the mystery of Christ’s Transfiguration.  We read that on Mt. Tabor, “Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep, but becoming fully awake, they saw his glory.” I think a lot of Christ’s followers today are asleep when it comes to Christian teaching on the glorification of our bodies. We tend to have a super-spiritual view of the afterlife as the state of the soul having been liberated from the body. But the “proper Christian thing,” wrote Pope Benedict XVI, “is to speak not of the soul’s immortality, but of the resurrection of the complete human being [body and soul] and of that alone.” Saint Teresa of Avila writes of being “utterly entranced” by a vision of Christ’s glorified face and hands. “You will think … that it required no great courage to look upon hands and face so beautiful. But so beautiful are glorified bodies, that … those who see [them are rendered] beside themselves.” Indeed, she insists that “if there were nothing in heaven to delight our sight other than the exalted beauty of glorified bodies, that would be enough.” Lord, wake us up, that we may see your glory and be filled with hope in the glorification of our own bodies!