TIME & THE MYSTERY w/ Mike Mangione

Talking about the friendship and faith life of Chris Farley with Father Matt Foley (yes, THAT Matt Foley)

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Growing up in the 90s there was no bigger show for me than Saturday Night Live, and no bigger cast member than Chris Farley. When I was a student at Marquette University, I used to imagine fellow alum, Farley, running late for class through the academic yard … as seen in the movie Tommy Boy. Anytime I share my story of touring and living in a van for two years it is almost guaranteed someone wittingly responds, “Was it down by a river?” – a quote from Chris Farley’s iconic motivational speaker character, Matt Foley. I have always felt a strong connection to Chris especially after I heard that he was a practicing Catholic, like myself. I have always related to the very honest and human sweet/troubled reality that Chris lived. Not for any glorified reasons but rather for its honest, hopeful and redemptive qualities. Chris was not perfect and neither am I. I have always felt like I could relate to him, though never knowing him, somewhat on that level. So when I found out that his SNL character Matt Foley was named after his college rugby buddy-turned Catholic priest, Army chaplain and Afghanistan veteran, Father Matt Foley – and Fr. Matt lived an hour and a half away from me – I thought, I absolutely have to meet this man and talk about who he is, his friend Chris, their relationship, and their faith. Enjoy Time & The Mystery: Conversations with Father Matt Foley.

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