The Bridegroom Comes to His Temple

The overarching theme of yesterday’s readings is the Lord “coming to the temple.” “Temple” language in Scripture connotes the “Bride.”  The Church is both “temple” and “Bride” of Christ.  In yesterday’s readings, we see Christ the Bridegroom coming to his Bride to abide there, and this is the bride’s deepest longing: “and suddenly there will come to the temple the Lord whom you seek” (1st reading).  The Bride, in her joy, opens her gates “that the king of glory may come in!” (psalm).  This is how Jesus shares in our “blood and flesh” (2nd reading), when we open to his presence, like Mary.  Another related theme from yesterday’s readings is “purification.”  When we “open our gates” and let the Lord into the “temple” of our humanity so that he might share in our “blood and flesh,” he enters with “refiner’s fire” to purify us “like gold or like silver” (1st reading).  As we submit ourselves to this purification, we become more and more like Mary, the “spotless bride” (Eph 5:27).  However, if you allow the Lord “in” at this depth, like Mary, “you yourself a sword will pierce” (Gospel).  Let us be not afraid to open our gates that the king of glory may come in!

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