Celebrating the Courage of Blessed Pope Paul VI
and the Antidote to the Sexual Chaos of Today

July 25, 2018, marks 50 years since Pope Paul VI shocked the world when he issued his encyclical letter Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life) reaffirming the traditional Christian teaching against contraception. Although he was mocked and scorned globally – both from outside and, sadly, from within the Church – his words were prescient. He warned that a contracepting world becomes a world of rampant infidelity; a world where women and childbearing are degraded; a world in which governments trample on the rights and needs of the family; and a world in which human beings believe they can manipulate their bodies at will (see HV 17).

Is there any doubt that this is the world we live in now?

Christopher West is the world's most recognizable teacher of Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body," which was inspired as a defense and elaboration of Humanae Vitae. We hope this resource page of Christopher's reflections — video, writing and audio — will be a critical resource that helps us understand just what was at stake 50 years ago when Pope Paul VI released this document, as well as the consequences we suffer today from a world which largely ignored the pope's warnings. Most of all, these resources will give you hope that the deep wounds inflicted by the "sexual revolution" over the past few decades can be healed. Please share this page link far and wide!

Christopher West Humanae Vitae 50 Speaking Schedule
June 17-22      TOB1: Head & Heart Immersion Course [WAITING LIST]     Quarryville, PA     DETAILS
June 25 -30      Catholic Family Retreat       Pinedale, WY      DETAILS
July 7      Couple to Couple League International
Humanae Vitae 50th Anniversary Conference      Cincinnati, OH      DETAILS

July 17      Love & Responsibility Series      New York City, NY      DETAILS
July 27      "Unprotected" Documentary screening and panel Q&A      Ontario, Calif.      
July 28      Humanae Vitae 50: Faithful to God's Design Conference      Ontario, Calif.      DETAILS
Humanae Vitae: The Most Controversial Church Document of Modern Times
Christopher West is interviewed by Guadalupe Radio Network's Dave Palmer about the prophetic words of Pope Paul VI and how St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body is the cure to today's sexual chaos. (13 minutes)
Christopher West talks with The Patrick Coffin Show about Humanae Vitae and how we are hardwired for beauty. From Patrick: "In his second appearance on The Patrick Coffin Show, Christopher West is in fine form connecting all manner of dots as we talk about the impact of dissent from Humanae Vitae, the 1968 encyclical by soon-to-be-St. Paul VI, in light of West’s new book, Eclipse of the Body." (44 minutes)
Christopher talks with host Brenda Aikin of Mater Dei Radio Morning Drive in Portland, Ore., about how Humanae Vitae and the Theology of the Body give us hope during the “Eclipse of the Body" that is taking place today. (26 minutes)
Join Christopher West for a personal, sit-down-style introductory tour of St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body teachings. This 10-part course consists of short sessions with a downloadable study guide that allow you to move at your own pace. We are desperately in need of the liberating, life-saving, healing vision of the Theology of the Body… And we are also in need of courses like this one that allow his scholarly insights on human life, love, and sexuality to come alive for everyone. Students from around the world are taking this course and joining the TOB Revolution!
Eclipse of the Body:
How We Lost the Meaning of Sex, Gender, Marriage, & Family (and How to Reclaim It) ​​​​​​
In this easy-to-read booklet, you’ll discover what lies at the root of today’s sexual chaos and gender confusion, and how it was foretold in Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae. You’ll also learn how Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is a defense of Humanae Vitae that provides the antidote to the crisis of our times and paves the way for the “Triumph” foretold by the Virgin Mary in Fatima.
First copy is FREE plus $5.95 using checkout code ECLIPSE. Bulk copies are available.
Theology of the Body for Beginners (Revised, Updated and Expanded 2018)
Using simple, everyday language, Christopher West lays a foundation for understanding the basics of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, making his profound teachings on human sexuality easy to grasp and apply in our lives. First copy is FREE plus $5.95 using checkout code DESIRE. Bulk copies are available for just $3/book in quantities of 44/case. 
Good News About Sex & Marriage
Learn the “whys” behind the “whats” of Church teaching as Christopher West uses John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to answer 115 of the most common questions, objections, and misunderstandings.
Theology of the Body Explained
Christopher West's full commentary on St. John Paul II's "Man and Woman He Created Them" (also known as "Theology of the Body").
Using the authoritative translation from Polish by John Paul II scholar Dr. Michael Waldstein, who also wrote the book's foreward.
Man and Woman He Created Them — A Theology of the Body
This is St. John Paul II's original text as presented over 129 audiences between 1979 and 1984, plus additional text previously unreleased in English. Introduction by Christopher West and translation by Dr. Michael Waldstein.