Haunted by Joy

Kyline, an 18-year-old girl from Milot, Haiti, was found in the muddy, rainy mountainside, paralyzed from the neck down. She does not have any family. The people of this small village of dirt floors, tin roofs and tree branch walls each play their part in taking care of her. They have very little food, typically eating only two or three meals a week, yet they share with her what they do have. Little children come to Kyline’s side, bringing bits of food to her mouth.

She suffers all this and yet how is it that her face shines so brightly?

What is the cause of her joy?

When Sister Anne, the local “Mother Teresa,” asked Kyline why she was so full of joy, she answered: “Because I speak to Jesus all day long, and he speaks to me.”

Jesus speaks to her in her native language of Creole.

Kyline’s joy haunts us. Do we have the courage to be so vulnerable, so helpless and utterly dependent on Our Lord?  Do we believe that Our Lord will speak to us in those places in our hearts we, too, are paralyzed?

We came here to share John Paul II’s Theology of the Body with the people of Haiti, but we find ourselves asking the question: Just who is ministering to whom?

As our friend in ministry Jason Evert put it, “It takes the spiritual wealth of the poor to reveal to us our own poverty.”

Blessings and prayers from The Cor Project.

The Cor Project

Christopher West, Founder

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