COR THOUGHTS 263: To Sum Up All Things in Christ


This Sunday’s second reading is jam-packed with glory! Here we learn that we are chosen in Christ “before the foundation of the world.” What does this mean? We tend to think of Christ’s coming as “plan B,” necessitated when sin supposedly thwarted “plan A.” Forgiveness of sin is certainly part of the “grace that he lavished upon us,” as St. Paul says. Yet “the mystery of his will” has always been “to sum up all things in Christ,” as Paul proclaims. To sum up all things in Christ means to make everything “one” in Christ. This is marital language. Heaven and earth are married in Christ. God and man have become spouses forever wed in Christ. We might say that sin caused a detour in the fulfillment of that plan, but it didn’t thwart it. “The plan of the Lord stands forever” (Ps 33:11). And the plan of the Lord has always been for Christ to become “one” in the flesh with us, the Church, his Bride. This is the “story” our bodies tell as male and female: the union of the two in one flesh “is a great mystery,” Paul tells us later in Ephesians, and it “refers to Christ and the Church” (Eph 5:31-32). Lord, give us eyes to read the theological mystery revealed in our bodies!