COR THOUGHTS 258: Feasting on the Body and Blood of the Bridegroom


This Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi. We will read these familiar words in the Gospel: “This is my body’ … ‘This is my blood’….” What can we say of this grand Feast? If we are tempted (and we are in the modern world) to “spiritualize” our faith, our humanity, our morality, the Eucharist brings us back to the fleshy, bloody reality that is our faith, our humanity, our day-to-day moral decisions. Against all disincarnate spiritualities, against all “angelism,” the Eucharist forces us to grapple with the truth that matter matters. And matter matters because it’s never mere matter. In Christ, in the Eucharist, matter is spiritualized, even more – it’s divinized, made divine. Elements of the physical world – the crushed and baked endosperm of the wheat plant and the crushed and fermented ovaries of the grape vine – become the body and blood of our Savior. The Eucharist is the eternal climax of the nuptial mystery written into creation: it’s the gift of the Bridegroom’s body to his Bride, the Church. It’s the Bride conceiving eternal life. We must let this sink in: at the source and summit of our faith is the consummation of a mystical marriage. At the source and summit of our faith is the human body communicating the divine mystery. Lord, help us truly to feast on your body and blood!