COR THOUGHTS 246: Save Us from Polluting Your Temple


The first reading this week from 2 Chronicles speaks of the “polluting [of] the Lord’s temple.” We can see once again, here, an image of the human body, since the body is the true “temple of the Lord.” When we pollute our own bodies with all kinds of unholiness, we make ourselves vulnerable to enemies who would “burn the house of God” and “destroy all its precious objects.” This is what our pornified world is hell-bent on doing to our bodies: destroying all that is precious about them. When we are in the grips of these pornographic lies, we are being held captive by the spirit of Babylon. “Babylon” in the book of Revelation is the image of the “great whore” who mocks the beauty of Christ’s Bride. In Babylon we can see an image of all the world’s sexually perverse seductions. And yet, as we read in this weekend’s psalm, even the Babylonian captors longed to hear “the songs of Zion,” that is, the true song of the Bride. Only as Christians learn to sing the true song of the Bride – the Song of Songs! – will we ever be able to overcome the destruction of “the temple of the Lord” (the human body) so rampant in our world today. Christ the Bridegroom, teach your Bride to sing the Song of Songs!