COR THOUGHTS 239: The Time of Fulfillment


The readings this weekend speak of the need to change our lives in light of the fact that “the time is running out” (second reading) and “the kingdom of God is at hand” (Gospel). “This is the time of fulfillment,” announces Jesus. “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” In short, the good news that we are to believe in is that God created us to share in the eternal bliss of his love, a bliss that Scripture calls the “Marriage of the Lamb.” The tragedy of sin is that we doubted this gift and took fulfillment into our own hands, making idols of the good things God created to lead us to him – like marriage. When St. Paul says “those having wives [should] act as not having them” (second reading), he’s inviting us to examine where we’re directing our desires. If it’s to anything less than the Infinite, we need to repent. To repent means to stop pursuing ultimate fulfillment in created things and entrust the satisfaction of all the desires of our hearts to the one who put them there in order to lead us to him. If we are ever to find the happiness for which we long, like the fishermen in this weekend’s Gospel, we must “abandon our nets” – all our attempts to “catch” happiness for ourselves – and follow Christ into “the time of fulfillment.”