COR THOUGHTS 236: The Family Participates in the Life of the Trinity


This Sunday, after having celebrated the birth of Christ, we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family.  Sometimes I feel sorry for Joseph. What would it be like to be the only sinner in your family? It would seem that whenever something went wrong in the Holy Family, it was Joseph’s fault. But imagine how loved Joseph was by Jesus and Mary in his faults, failings, and sinfulness. That’s what allowed Joseph to grow in holiness. Are we loved any less by Jesus and Mary in our faults, failings, and sinfulness? Holiness does not mean we have it all together. Holiness means we have all of our broken, wounded humanity “presented to the Lord,” as we read in this Sunday’s Gospel. The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple is much more profound than we may first realize. From all eternity, the Son offers himself to the Father in love. But now, as a newborn babe, it’s Joseph and Mary who “present him to the Lord.” Do you know what this means? A human family is now participating in the life of the Trinity. That’s holiness: to participate in the life and love of the God who himself is a family: Father, Son, and Spirit. Lord, here we are, as we are. We present ourselves to you with all our faults, failings, and sinfulness. Help us to live in the knowledge that we are part of your holy family. Amen!