COR THOUGHTS 233: Glory Dwelling in Us – Bodily!


For the second Sunday of Advent, the Church offers us readings that proclaim the coming of God’s glory: “Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together” (first reading). If God’s glory is the outward “irradiation” of his inner goodness, as St. John Paul II tells us, then our deepest yearning is to share in this glory, to be penetrated and permeated by it, to have God’s “glory dwelling in our land” (Psalm). Let us ponder the Christmas Mystery anew: this deepest of human desires is fulfilled in Mary! She is the “land” in which the glory of God dwells – bodily…. This is why God took on flesh: to reveal “the glory of the Lord” so that “all people shall see it together.” But if all humanity is to see God’s glory, we must be “eager to be found without spot or blemish” (second reading), for only the pure of heart can “see God.” If purity is “the glory of God in the human body” as John Paul II expressed, then it’s an utter gift. It’s not something we accomplish on our own. It’s something we open to by “acknowledging our sins” and allowing our bodies and souls to be washed clean in the waters of baptism (Gospel reading).