COR THOUGHTS 225: Come Enter the Wedding Feast!


In last week’s reflection, we looked at our lack of faith in God to satisfy the deepest hunger of our hearts. This week’s readings are all about how God “will fully supply whatever we need” in the “wedding feast.” It’s “a feast of rich food and pure, choice wines” (first reading). “You spread the table before me … my cup overflows” (responsorial psalm). When our hope is set on the wedding feast of eternity, we know in this life “how to live in humble circumstances” without despairing and we “know also how to live with abundance” without idolizing earthly pleasures (second reading). How do we enter this feast? First, we have to respond to the invitation; and second, we must put on the “wedding garment” (Gospel reading). This is a reference to the “nuptial mystery” of Baptism when we were clothed in white (see Catechism 1617). As St. John Paul II told us, Baptism is “the expression of [Christ’s] spousal love.” It “makes the Church the Bride of Christ” (TOB 91:7). To enter the eternal wedding feast, we must be clothed by Christ’s spousal love; we must enter into it and be thoroughly transformed by it. Lord, come clothe us in your spousal love and wash our soiled garments!