COR THOUGHTS 220: Our Bodies Tell the Story of Love and Communion


In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Mt 18:20). Why two or three? Because that’s the basic building block of communion. This is how we “fulfill the law,” as Paul says in this week’s second reading: by loving one another. The Church is the embodiment of the call of the whole human race to live in love and communion. And that call to love and communion is revealed most fundamentally in our creation as male and female and the call of the two to become “one flesh.” Here, in the normal course of events, the union of the “two” leads to a “third” – the organic growth and expansion of human communion. When true human communion grows, without a doubt, Christ is “in the midst of them.” Christ’s promise to be in our “midst” is all the more telling when we link this with the words of Zephaniah: “the Lord is in your midst” (3:17), which literally means “the Lord is in your womb.” When we love one another rightly, we “conceive” Christ. Our bodies tell that story. Our bodies reveal the divine mystery.