COR THOUGHTS 172: To Be Chosen


In this weekend’s second reading, Saint Paul writes from his prison cell that he is bearing suffering “like a criminal …for the sake of those who are chosen.” Think of how we yearn to be chosen, to be desired, to be recognized by others. And if the one who choses us is of great esteem, we feel all the more appreciated and valued. Take a peasant girl who is chosen by a noble king to be his beloved. She would feel deeply valued, elevated, elated. Saint Paul is talking about being “chosen” by the King of the Universe. For what? John Paul II tells us in his Theology of the Body that our eternal election in Christ is fully revealed in the “great mystery” of Ephesians 5:31-32, where Saint Paul links the union of spouses in “one flesh” with the union of Christ and the Church. When we allow the grace of redemption to “untwist” what is disordered in our sexuality, we realize that our bodies tell the divine story of our being “chosen in Christ.” Christ wants to marry us, he wants to be one with us, to share his glory with us forever. Our bodies tell this eternal love story! If we say “yes” to this eternal election, this eternal marriage proposal, we will “obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus,” as Saint Paul says, “together with eternal glory” – the glory of the Royal Wedding Celebration. Let’s say YES!