COR THOUGHTS 144: Easter Proclaims the Ultimate Goodness of the Body!

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“They put him to death by hanging him on a tree,” proclaims Peter in this Easter Sunday’s first reading. But this same man “God raised on the third day.” Ever since the entrance of death with original sin, man has been tempted to contradict God’s declaration on the seventh day that our bodily creation is good ­– in fact, “very good” (see Gen 1:31). With the entrance of sin, we are tempted to think that the body is only good for suffering and dying, since that is our inevitable fate. Christ’s resurrection, as Pope Benedict XVI proclaims, means that “the universal law of death is not the world’s final power after all and that it does not have the last word.” In Christ’s bodily resurrection, says Benedict XVI, “God brings the approval of the seventh day of creation, his saying that all is good, to completion. …Resurrection means that through the twisted paths of sin and more powerfully than sin God ultimately says: ‘It is good.’” Saint John Paul II speaks of the diligent effort needed to overcome the “deep seated habits” of Manichaeism (the heresy that our bodies are bad) in our way of thinking and acting. The bodily resurrection of Christ crushes the Manichaean demon utterly. Let us enter in to the bodily glory of Easter!