COR THOUGHTS 134: Christ Invites Us to a Holy Intoxication at the Wedding Feast of Cana

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This weekend’s readings are overflowing with the nuptials of heaven and earth! “As a young man marries a virgin, your Builder shall marry you” (first reading). God wants to marry us! That’s the whole Bible in five words. And we want to marry him – that’s what our deepest hunger for love (eros) is all about. But eros often gets off course because we have all “run out of wine.” Throughout the Bible, wine is a symbol of divine love (agape). Since the dawn of sin, eros has been cut off from agape. Christ’s first miracle, which we read about in this weekend’s Gospel, is to restore the wine to eros in superabundance. Superabundance is an understatement: those six jars held twenty to thirty gallons each (see Jn 2:6). Average it out and that’s 150 gallons of “the best wine” – about 750 bottles. And Jesus wants us to drink up! He invites us to a holy intoxication on God’s wine so that our entire humanity – body and soul, sexuality and spirituality – becomes enflamed with divine love. Isn’t that what the crowd accused the apostles of on Pentecost day when the fire of God’s love descended upon them? “You guys are drunk!” (see Acts 2:13–15). Where do we get the idea that Jesus is a party pooper?