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The Shepherd’s Voice: Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann interviews Christopher West

In December 2017, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS, interviewed Christopher West about the Made for More event coming to Topeka, KS, on Feb. 2, 2018. They talk about just how we are made for more and about Christopher’s mission to spread the good news of the Theology of the Body around the world.

The Kyle Heimann Show: Man Fully Alive

Christopher West, one of the speakers at the upcoming Rekindle The Fire men’s conference Feb. 24 in Fort Wayne, Ind., chats with host Kyle Heimann about what it means to be fully alive. Listen below:

Ascension Roundtable: Talking Marriage Prep and A Joy-Filled Marriage

We need to get marriage preparation right—the stakes are just too high not to. In this episode, which aired Nov. 28, 2017, Theology of the Body expert Christopher West explains some of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to preparing engaged couples for a joy-filled marriage. He then gives three pieces of advice to help you do a better job walking with couples during their time of marriage prep.

Christopher returns to Guadalupe Radio Network and chats with host Dave Palmer on his national morning show about his Oct. 31 article on Theology of the Body and the Protestant Reformation. Christopher and Dave also talks about Christopher’s new book, “Love Is Patient But I’m Not”, what’s at the heart of the sexual crises being exposed in the entertainment world (watch his short film “Cry of the Heart”), and Christopher’s assessment of the growing Theology of the Body movement.

Spirit Radio Ireland: Christopher’s Speaking Tour of Ireland

Christopher talks to Steve Johnson of Spirit Radio Ireland in advance of his speaking tour of Ireland in early July 2017. They talk about Christopher’s introduction to the Theology of the Body, the deep connection between music and desire, and what attendees can expect at Christopher’s presentations. Listen below (or click here).

The Irish Catholic: Rocket Man

Greg Daly of The Irish Catholic, the national Catholic newspaper of Ireland, did a fantastic interview with Christopher in advance of his speaking tour/pilgrimage of the country July 5-14. Read here.

Interviews from Christopher’s tour of Hungary and Germany (in Hungarian and English)

If you read Hungarian, you’ll enjoy these two articles that came out of Christopher and the Cor Team’s visit to Hungary and Germany in May. There is also a video interview in English.

Article One: Author István Gégény writes about learning the Theology of the Body as the father of two children.

Article Two: Christopher is interviewed by 19-year-old Ildikó Antal-Ferencz. Click here to watch a video of the interview (in English) recorded for Catholic TV.

Article Three: A Q&A (in Hungarian) with Péter Heltai of the blog 777.

Seize the Day w/ Gus Lloyd: How to watch movies with the TOB lens

Why do we love movies? How can we become more aware of the filmmakers’ intentions? Gus Lloyd of The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM chats with Christopher about his popular eBook “Theology of the Body at the Movies. Listen here.

Denver Catholic Q&A

In advance of a Holy Week talk in Aspen, Christopher West is interviewed by Aaron Lambert about “The Passion, Death and Resurrection Like You’ve Never Heard Before.” Read here.

Our Sunday Visitor: Christopher West Goes to the Movies

Christopher West is interviewed by Michelle Martin about his eBook Theology of the Body at the Movies. At the core of the discussion is the challenge of how to properly discern what to watch (and let your children watch), with tips from Christopher on how he handles it. Read here.

Son Rise Morning Show: Christopher West Goes to the Movies

Christopher West spends 7 minutes with co-host Jacob Popcak to talk about how to see truth, beauty and the sacred in modern cinema. The interview came on the heels of Christopher’s release of the eBook Theology of the Body at the Movies. Listen below!

The Circuit (Benedictine College): World-renowned Theology of the Body speaker to visit campus

Ellen Peterson of The Circuit student newspaper at Benedictine College (Atchison, Kan.) interviews Christopher West as part of her advance story on his visit to their campus on March 2, 2017. Among the topics discussed are the campus hot topics of sex, gender and Jesus. Read here.

The Catholic Sun (Phoenix): Renowned Theology of the Body expert to speak at ‘JP2 Celebration’

Christopher West talks to The Catholic Sun editor Tony Gutierrez about his upcoming keynote address for the John Paul II Resource Center in Phoenix. Among the topics discussed are the central role contraception plays in today’s sexual confusion, the lie of the “body bad-spirit good” mindset so prevalent in the world today, and one thing he admires about Pope Francis. Read here.

The Catholic Conversation (Phoenix): Why Is the Body Under Such Violent Attack In Our World Today?

Christopher West has an engaging hour-long interview (Jan. 10) with Steve and Becky Greene, hosts of The Catholic Conversation in the Diocese of Phoenix, Ariz. In addition to a quick overview of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body teachings, they talk about the cultural ills that reduce the body to a “thing” and how the TOB provides the cure. Listen here.

The Catholic Leader (Brisbane, Australia): ‘Jesus showed up’ in Toowoomba crash survivor at Brisbane fundraiser

A powerful moment is captured during Christopher West’s keynote address at the Real Talk Fundraising Dinner in Brisbane, Australia on Oct. 24. Read Emilie Ng’s touching story here.

The Catholic Weekly (Archdiocese of Sydney): Putting the Love Back In Sex

Christopher West is interviewed by Catholic Weekly writer Natasha Marsh in advance of his Australia tour in late October 2016. He offers an assessment of today’s popular culture, the struggle to learn how to love, ways to encourage others to live chastely, the connection between the TOB and Our Lady of Fatima (the apparition is celebrating 100 years in 2017) and if his two decades of teaching the TOB have come at a personal cost. Read the article here.

Kyle Heimann Show: God, the Meaning of Life and Gender

On Aug. 10, 2016, Christopher shares with the audience of the Kyle Heimann Show the glorious teachings of the Theology of the Body, as well as the latest news of The Cor Project. Among the themes touched upon were God, the meaning of life and today’s explosive debate on “gender identity.”

Mike Allen Show: Summer and Nature’s Theology Lesson

Do you realize what is happening in nature every time you take a breath? Christopher returned to the Mike Allen Show on Aug. 11, 2016, to dive deeper into his blog post “It’s Summertime – Get Out Into Nature for a Theology Lesson!

GRN Alive: Rene Descartes, the “Bathroom Wars” and Pope Benedict’s prophetic words

Guadalupe Radio Network host Dave Palmer interviews Christopher for his national GRN Alive program on May 27, 2016, about Christopher’s recent blog posts on the disconnect in human sexuality going on the culture today. They discuss “I Think, Therefore I Am Whatever I Think I Am: From Rene Descartes’ Dictum to Obama’s Bathroom Policy” and “The Future Pope Benedict XVI Foresaw Today’s Eclipse of the Sexual Difference in 1984 Interview.” Christopher also shares more about his Guadalupe/TOB pilgrimage to Mexico City this December. Listen to the segment here!

Mike Allen Show: Prince, “Holy Lust” and the Integration of Sexuality and Spirituality

Christopher has a lengthy segment on the Mike Allen Show discussing his blog post “Prince Believed Sexuality and Spirituality Go Together – So Do Pope Francis and the Catholic Church.” Prince’s death offers the opportunity for a touchpoint between the Theology of the Body and pop culture. In as much as “the artist formerly alive as Prince” may have been striving in his own limited and confused way for this ecstasy that rises to God, he was, to be sure, on to something. Christopher also connects the distorted longing of “twisted mystic” artists and Pentecost.

Interview is 23 minutes (starts at 12:00 mark).

Sault Star: Talking God & Sex

Brian Kelly of the Sault Star in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, interviews Christopher in advance of his April 10 God, Sex & the Meaning of Life. Christopher shares how the “starvation diet” he lived in his teen and early college years led to some dark times, but following his hunger for God eventually led to a life-transforming discovery of the Theology of the Body and nourishment of the deepest desires of his heart. Read the interview here.

Teresa Tomeo – Catholic Connection: Living Life in “3D”

Christopher West was on Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection show on Ave Maria Radio April 1 to discuss the April 9 Cor Seminar in Ann Arbor, MI. In addition to discussing what it’s like to live in “3D” (Desire, Design, Destiny), he and Teresa also engage in a lively discussion on big issues around gender today. Listen here to the interview, which starts at the 38:00 mark.

Mike Allen Show: Looking at Holy Week Through the Lens of the Theology of the Body

Christopher returns to the Mike Allen Show to reflect on Holy Week through the lens of the Theology of the Body, the upcoming TOB/OLG webinar and my recent blog post on TOB for older couples and more. Listen to Christopher’s segment here.

Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Stations of the Cross (Ninth Station)

During the World Meeting of Families, CRS Rice Bowl approached me about contributing to the narration for a Stations of the Cross project. I narrated Station IX: Jesus Falls the Third Time (watch below). The full Stations, which includes narration by Bishop Robert Barron, Dr. Carolyn Woo, Cardinal O’Malley and many more, can also be found at

The Criterion – Archdiocese of Indianapolis interview with Christopher West in advance of E6 Catholic Men’s Conference

In advance of the E6 Catholic Men’s Conference on March 5 near Indianapolis, the archdiocesan publication interviewed Christopher as part of their advance story. Among the topics discussed: cultural attempts to redefine masculinity, how Lent can help men find the truth about their masculinity, and why the Theology of the Body is “rock-your-world kind of stuff.” Published Feb. 19, 2016. Read the article here!

FAITH magazine: Extensive Q&A with Christopher West

In advance of the Cor Seminar taking place April 9, 2016, in Ann Arbor, Mich., FAITH magazine in the Diocese of Lansing interviewed Christopher about various topics, including: What is the Theology of the Body (TOB); same-sex attraction and gender issues; the intimate connection between the Year of Mercy and the TOB; parenting with the TOB lens; his World Meeting of Families experience; the future of TOB outreach; his family life and hobbies; and much more. This interview is a much-extended version of what appears in the print edition. Read the full Q&A here!

What Is Lent? Video Series – Catholic Relief Services

Christopher West talks about the purpose of Lent as part of Catholic Relief Service’s video series, “What Is Lent?” “There are 40 days of Lent, but 50 days of Easter. Always keep that in mind,” he says. “The celebration of Easter is all the more joyful if we embrace the fast of Lent. Lent is fasting to prepare us for the feast.” Released in February 2015.

Connecting the Brave Heart to the Sacred Heart: An Interview with Matt Swaim

In anticipation of his talk at the E6 Catholic Men’s Conference in March, Christopher West spent a few minutes with Son Rise Morning Show host Matt Swaim to discuss how the desire of men to have a brave heart is intimately connected to the Sacred Heart. Listen to the segment here!

Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel London recap video

Core Issues Trust, Anglican Mainstream, The Office for Marriage and Family Life of the Diocese of Westminster together with Christian Concern hosted the “Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel” Conference in Central London Jan. 14-16, 2016. Thank you to Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust for sharing this nine-minute highlight video of the event.

Voice & Vessel Podcast: Interview with Jason Clark

Radio host Staci Gulino interviews Cor Project executive vice president Jason Clark about the origins of The Cor Project, its global outreach and his own journey with St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. If you’ve been to a Cor Project event, you’ve probably met Jason and will enjoy getting to know him better. If you haven’t, you definitely need to listen to this engaging interview. Posted January 2016. Listen to the interview here!

Interview with Catholic News Service’s Simon Caldwell

Christopher West is interviewed by Catholic News Service UK correspondent Simon Caldwell about the growth of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body — particularly across denominational lines — as well as how the TOB clears up the gender confusion spreading rampant through popular culture. The story posted on CNS’ international news wire on Jan. 19, 2016. Read the article here.

Premier: Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel preview

Premier reporter Hannah Tooley interviews Christopher West and Dr. Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust in advance of Christopher’s Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel event being held in London Jan. 14-16, 2016. Read the article here.

Mike Allen Show: Interview on The Danish Girl

Mike Allen interviews Christopher West about his two recent blog posts (here and here) on something Academy Award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne said in a trailer for his latest film The Danish Girl — about one of the first attempts at gender reassignment surgery. Christopher notes that Redmayne’s passionate defense of the film includes the embrace of an ancient heresy related to the body. Find out which one by listening here! Aired Jan. 7, 2016.

REGINA MAGAZINE interview with Christopher West

In advance of leading an Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel Theology of the Body conference for Christians in London in January 2016, Christopher does a Q&A interview with UK-based REGINA MAGAZINE. REGINA MAGAZINE “draws together extraordinary Catholic writers, photographers, videographers and artists with a vibrant faith. We’re interested in everything under the Catholic sun — from work and family to religious and eternal life.” Read it here!

Wake Up! Interview with Jason Clark 

Johnny Hebert, Gaby Chauvin and Jeff Blackwell of the Wake Up! morning show on Catholic Community Radio in Baton Rouge, LA, chat with Cor Project executive vice president Jason Clark about the genesis and mission of The Cor Project, the latest Cor Project news and the Cor Seminar-Live! event taking place Dec. 5 in Bay St. Louis, MS. Aired Nov. 17, 2015. 10-minute interview. Listen to it here!

Mike Allen Show: Interview on Ecumenism & TOB

Mike Allen from Lexington, KY, interviews Christopher on why St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body offers great promise for Christian unity. Aired Nov. 4, 2015. Listen to it here!

WMOF Interview with Lancaster News

Heather Stauffer interviews Christopher West about his participation in the World Meeting of Families, as well as about his book Pope Francis To Go: Bite-Sized Morsels from The Joy of the Gospel. Read it here!

NetTV: World Meeting of Families interview

NetTV’s Katie Breidenbach interviews Christopher West live at the World Meeting of Families on “Theology of the Body: To Infinity and Beyond” on Sept. 22 in Philadelphia.

An Engaging Faith podcast interview

Elizabeth Reardon interviewed Christopher West on The Good News About Sex & Marriage for her An Engaging Faith podcast on Sept. 15, 2015. Listen to it here!

The Faithful Traveler radio show interview

Diana Von Glahn, host of EWTN’s The Faithful Traveler TV show, interviewed Christopher West for her radio show about the incredible Footsteps of St. John Paul II pilgrimage to Poland he led in August 2015. Listen to it here!

Our Sunday Visitor: Living in “3D” – Desire, Design & Destiny

Christopher West wrote a special commentary for Our Sunday Visitor about how we can follow God’s plan for human sexuality using three easy words. And how, if we indulge in our selfishness, we’ll miss the mark. Published Jan. 4, 2015. Read it here!

Bishop Sheridan Presents Radio interview with Christopher West (2012)

Christopher West returns again to the Bishop Sheridan Presents radio show in Colorado Springs. in this hour-long interview, Christopher and Bishop Michael Sheridan touch on Christopher’s book At the Heart of the Gospel and dig deeper into the prophetic series of addresses by Pope John Paul II now known as the Theology of the Body. Aired March 3, 2012. Listen to it here!

99.5 The Fish interview

Christopher was interviewed by Cleveland’s Fish Mornings team of Brooke Taylor and Len Howser in advance of his presentation at Walsh University in 2012. They talk At the Heart of the Gospel and why the Theology of the Body is the antidote to an oversexualized culture.  Listen to it here!

Bishop Sheridan Presents Radio interview with Christopher West and Mike Mangione (2010)

Guest host Bill Howard, editor of The Colorado Catholic Herald, fills in for Bishop Sheridan and holds a fun, hourlong interview with Christopher West and Mike Mangione backstage at the Pikes Peak Center a couple of hours before a Fill These Hearts event in Colorado Springs in 2010. Christopher and Mike share some back and forth discussion about the intersections of the theology of the body, art, pop culture and the “way of beauty.” Mike also plays two live acoustic songs (“Fields of Evermore” and “Woman in Gown”). Aired Sept. 18, 2010. Listen to this classic interview here!

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