GUEST POST: Our Lady of Czestochowa: A Mother’s Enduring Love


Our Lady of Czestochowa, an icon in Poland that tradition states St. Luke painted, reminds us all that part of life will undoubtedly involve suffering and persecution. Yet it is how we go through it that matters, and Our Lady shows us how to withstand it with love.

Our Lady of Czestochowa endured attacks from an arrow from a Tartar’s bow in the 14th century, a sword from the heretic group, the Hussites, in the 15th century, and even imprisonment from the communist government of Poland in the 1960s. Despite restoration attempts to remove the scars of the sword and arrow, they have always returned. Why? Only Our Lord and Our Lady know, but I believe it is to remind us that Our Mother suffers for her children in order to help redeem us and teach us that love will triumph. Our Mother is not some distant thought or idea. She is present in each one of our lives and unconditionally loves us.