24. Rick Warren on Sex and Marriage

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Famous evangelical pastor Rick Warren spoke at a conference at the Vatican on sexual complementarity last November.  I recently came across this interview he did from Rome with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN.

I’m delighted with Rick Warren’s willingness to build bridges with the Catholic Church.  Not everyone on his side of the evangelical/Catholic divide was.

[tweetthis]I’m delighted with Rick Warren’s willingness to build bridges with the Catholic Church. – Christopher West[/tweetthis]

Here are a few things he said in his interview on EWTN that struck me:

  • “The biggest threat to marriage is that people have forgotten the purpose of it.”
  • “Sex is the fullest expression of who we are as a man or a woman.  It’s not simply a physical act.”
  • “In our culture which has demeaned and degrading and resented and rejected and redefined marriage – even in that culture – when you see somebody who’s been married 50 years, or 60 years, or 70 years, there’s something sweet and something beautiful about a love that lasts a lifetime.  We’re wired for that.  And instinctively on the inside people say, ‘I want that.’”
  • “Gender is God’s idea.  Marriage is God’s idea.  Sex is God’s idea.”
  • “Just because a lie is popular doesn’t make it the truth.  Just because something wrong is popular doesn’t make it right.  Just because something evil is popular doesn’t make it good.  We have to realize that truth is always true and we build our lives on this foundation.  If you build your lives on what’s in style, here’s the problem: everything that’s in style goes out of style. … The only way to be relevant is to be eternal.”

Which is your favorite and why?

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